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Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends-SKIDROW

Posted 11 Dec 2012 in PC Repacks

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends

Detailed physics underpin a huge variety of challenges set throughout the history of this landmark automotive brand.

Eador Genesis-GOG

Posted 05 Dec 2012 in PCGames

Eador Genesis

Eador is a universe made of countless shards of land drifting in the Great Nothing. Each of the shards is a little world unto itself, with geography and citizens of its own. The power over the shards is bitterly contested by Masters, the immortal beings mortals believe to be gods.

Dungeon Gate-SKIDROW

Posted 29 Nov 2012 in PCGames

Dungeon Gate

Dysan possesses unknown extraordinary powers. He has special skills, including one which can absorb the energy of nature directly through his DNA. He can also absorb the DNA of other creatures, making Dysan able to acquire their shape and skills at any time.

Dark Shadows Army of Evil-SKIDROW

Posted 29 Nov 2012 in PCGames

Dark Shadows Army of Evil

This indie PC-only title is a single-player first person shooter in which the player takes on the role of a knight. Dark Shadows: Army of Evil is about a horde of monsters in September 1362.

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition-SKIDROW

Posted 28 Nov 2012 in PCGames

Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition

Since its initial release in 1998, Baldur’s Gate has entertained millions of fans around the globe, and has received countless awards. This classic saga of mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons™ computer role-playing games ever since.

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura-SKIDROW

Posted 25 Nov 2012 in PCGames

The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura

The Lost Chronicles of Zarzura plays in a period of change, in the midst of perhaps the greatest adventure of mankind, as geniuses such as Michelangelo shaped the modern history and world sailor opened the horizon of the Middle Ages.

Real Heroes Firefighter-SKIDROW

Posted 23 Nov 2012 in PCGames

Real Heroes Firefighter

Deadly flames, scorching hot – either scary or fascinating, and every little kid wants to become a fireman when he grows up, to be the hero who saves the day…

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