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  • Petar Nikolić

    The Sims 4 Update 4 link is offline. Can you please update it?

  • rakantoh

    Hi. Please i need (and more people) the crack for the last update of max payne 3. The last update is the Please please… i want to play this game. Thanks

  • Texas

    I wanted tp know if there is a way to have ghost recon phantoms DLC for free

  • Theo Thompson

    Can we get someone better for the Skidrow Chatbox? I did absolutely nothing and i was banned (TwilightxSaga)

  • Anantha Krishnan

    when will you post the fifa 15 crack ???

  • Eli Frakman

    tell me pls how i get the onimusha dawn of dreams by skidrow for
    the pc

  • Eli Frakman

    i like the onimusha saga for the pc so if i can get it by skidrow?


    Thank you Skidrow for always been there for all us PC gamers you are the one and only god that gives us the ability to see what games are out and the ability for us to play them before we buy them your chat system is great too very nice people on there especially your mod in the chat he
    is a great person in every way you picked one of the best people in the whole world to help you and for all that you have done for me and all other gamers I give you a big hug. Thank you again Skidrow keep up the great work. :) From TDJANUBIS

  • Thiek Panggaral

    Im having problem with installing the game.
    Regarding the rar file with password
    Im trying to install assassin’s creed revelation.
    Can you help me sir?

    Thanks skidrow

  • Kobie

    Hi guys,

    The version 15.3.0 to the game FOOTBALL MANAGER 2015 is out, can you please say if you’re going to try to crack it?

    Thanks a lot guys !